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Comprehensive Affordable IVF services

" I feel like a number on a file at my doctor's office. I understand he has such a huge practice but the only time I really get to see him and talk to him is at a consultation visit or during transfer. Retrieval is done by another ghost doctor that I have never met, I only know her name, she does procedure during anaesthesia so I don't even see her."
Do you find yourself in this situation ? Would you like more personalised attention and better care ?

We provide comprehensive IVF services , all under one roof, so patients don't need to shuttle from clinic to lab to the scan center. Our practise is restricted to treating infertile patients exclusively, and we were rated amongst India's top 5 infertility clinics in a survey carried out by Outlook magazine in June 2002, which interviewed over 700 doctors all over India for their opinion. We were voted as the best IVF clinic as regards value for money. Since we specialise in providing IVF treatment , we offer our patients the very best medical care - at affordable prices.

If you have done IVF at another clinic, have you got upset that you have to met a different doctor every time? Are you tired of talking to the doctor's assistants every time ?Are you forced to talk to a number of different nurses who seem clueless ? Are you having trouble getting the explanations you need ? Do you have to run around from the IVF clinic, to a lab for your blood tests, to an ultrasound center for your scans, so that you seem to be on the move all day long ? Are you fed up waiting for ever and ever to talk to the doctor or to get your blood test results ? At Malpani Infertility Clinic, all the treatment ( including the consultation, all the ultrasound scans, egg collection and embryo transfers are done personally by eitherDr. Anjali Malpani and Dr. Aniruddha Malpani). The buck stops with us - and we don't delegate any part of your delicate and critical IVF treatment to anyone else !
The reason we are so good at what we do is that we do nothing else ! Our practise is restricted to IVF treatment, and after doing this exclusively for the last 15 years, we are very good at it. Since we practise in only one place , we are always available and accessible to you, to answer your questions and fine-tune your treatment.

We are very cost effective, because we provide comprehensive services at a fixed price. The advantage of a fixed - charge treatment package is that you don't have to pay extra for every little thing. Unlike US clinics, we don't charge extra for scans , lab fees and OT charges once we start an IVF treatment cycle. Some IVF clinics can be very creative in their billing practices - and this can add up to a pretty penny you did not budget for !

Our pregnancy rates are very high, because we can transfer more embryos in difficult patients ( unlike clinics in UK and Australia, where the number of embryos which can be transferred is limited by law). While transferring more embryos does increase the risk of high-order multiple pregnancies, this risk is negligible in difficult patients ( for example, the older women or women with previous failed IVF cycles). In our clinic, we customise the number of embryos we transfer for each patient we treat, rather than just blindly follow a guideline ( which has been laid down for the general population, without considering each individual's specific problem).

Our equipment is state of the art and is sourced from all over the world. For example, our CO2 incubators are Nuaire incubators from USA; our stereozoom and inverted microscopes are from Olympus, Japan, and our ultrasound scanner is from Aloka, Japan. We use IVF catheters from Rocket of London, UK; ICSI pipettes from Cook, Australia; the Saturn laser unit for laser assisted hatching and embryo biopsy from Research Instruments, UK ; IVF culture medium from Vitrolife, Scandinavia; and IVF disposables from Becton Dickinson, USA. Our IVF lab complies with international standards and guidelines.