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Success Stories

Here are some of our success stories, in our patient's own words. It makes all we do so worthwhile and fulfilling !

Twins - IVF Success Story

Prerana and I married each other about 7 years ago. After 2 years of marriage we decided to start trying for the baby. We tried for couple of years and still it didn’t click, so we decided to visit the doctor. Prerana recommended visiting a gynaecologist in Mumbai where her Aunt was treated.

Gynaecologist asked me to go through the standard test. After checking the reports Gynaec discussed the issue with us and suggested few options. We were heartbroken to know that it's not going to be straight forward path to parenting. We took all the reports and we went back to London and started our treatment in NHS but my assignment in London got over and we have to move back to India.

Before coming to India we decided to go for second opinion and thanks to world of Internet the first Search result was . The first time I visited the site, I was shocked and delighted to see the amount of information posted on it. I spend hours to understand various kinds of treatment available and how effective they are.

We wrote to Dr. Malpani about our problem and booked the appointment.The first thing Dr. said was to get all the reports from NHS and bring that to him , this would save time and money and that’s when we knew, we made the right decision.

Our first meeting with Dr. was heartbreaking , doctor checked reports for both of us and said that both of us were found to be having a problem. He recommended that the best option is to go for IVF cycle. In the meantime we move to Dublin on the new assignment.
After settling down in Dublin we decide to go for an IVF treatment but we had to postpone it for another month because of a cyst on Prerana's ovary. Finally first IVF treatment was completed and She flew back to Dublin on the 6th day. On 14th day pregnancy test showed the negative result and we were very disappointed.

But within next few days we decided to go for another round of IVF treatment and both of us didn’t had any doubt to who we should contact. We contact Dr. Malpani again , informed him about the result and planned the dates for the next treatment.

We went back to India in Sep'09 and visited the Clinic. They greeted us like a family. As this was the second time and the way Dr. explained the treatment, we knew exactly what’s happening and we were relaxed this time. The D-Day came and treatment was completed.

On Day 14 we decided not to go for Urine Pregnancy test ( kind of Superstition), So we went for the BHCG blood test. We received the report and went to the temple to see the results. It just showed some count and we couldn’t make it out !!!!! Called the Dr. and one of the staff person said Dr. will call back. We knew ( kind of) it’s a positive result but was not 100% sure and once Dr. confirmed it, Our happiness knew no bounds. Dr. calmed us down and said there are more good news to come, looking at the BHCG blood count it’s not a single pregnancy :-).

Today I feel the happiest moment of my life sharing my IVF success. Right at this moment TWINS are 17 months old with full of life.

Words are not sufficient to express our gratitude to Dr. Anirudha, Dr. Anjali and their ever smiling and helpful staff.

Thanks & Luv
Manish & Prerana
( )
Pround Parents of Ishaan and Vihaan.